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A name for that beautiful typewriter? Hmmm, she looks like a Sophie to me.


Wow. Just looking at that makes my fingers hurt. You're a better man than I am...


Hmm.. she's really pretty and soft yet slightly shy and sexy. 1920s she says. i dunno why.

thank you for the link to the site. i think i've figured out what brand my typewriter was (Olivetti Lettera (it was blue, i hate pink; i remember a red key but will have to try to find a photo to verify)) i want one, but probably need to replace my laptop this year.


How about Hermena!
I think using a real typwriter is excellent. It will slow you down a bit but that makes for good writing. You feel like you are back in another era too. I love my typewriter Although not quite as vintage as it is electric!


I'm sorry, but that typewriter is a boy and it's name is Claude. Just Claude. On a lighter note, I really think you ought to film your own version of the "Murder, She Wrote" intro.


That is an amazing typewriter.

As for a name? Madison (or Maddie for short)?


OMG, Po, I bought one of those, almost identical, when I was a sophomore in college back in the extremely dark ages (try 1965). It was compact and solid and heavy for its size and it worked damn near forever! I am sure I still had it when I moved to New Mexico from Hawaii in 1990. I don't want to go back to the typewriter...for one thing, my arthritic hands wouldn't like it much...but if I WERE to go back to a typewriter, that Hermes or one very like it would be my choice! Congratulations!


Sigh...it's beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Am now lusting after a typewriter. Again.


ps...let me know when you're starting to think about selling!

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