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Maybe you can add some candy cane stickers to Maddie's cone? I don't think I've ever felt less in the holiday spirit than I do this year. Blah.


ooooh yeah, decorate the cone! Then take pictures. ;o)

Seriously, I'm glad she's back home with you and healing.


I'm so glad to hear that Maddie is home! I'm glad she isn't obsessing over the cone - Allie sure did after her hernia surgery and had to wear the cone for 10 days. If I ever have to put a cone on her again, I'll use one of those soft cones instead.

I know what you mean about it feeling "right" to have Maddie home. On the two occassions that Allie's had to spend the night at the vet, Zorro and I (Mike was out of town both times) end up feeling off because we're missing our girl.

Remembering the spirit of the season can be difficult...one of the things I've done this year is NOT put any gifts under the tree yet. I admire the tree, and the ornaments that Mike and I have collected during our six years together, and I don't think about gifts, or the material aspect of the season. It's funny, but it has made me SO much more relaxed about the holidays this year.

Best to you and your fam this season!


Puff Daddy is a killer, I love it! Hope you had a great holiday:)


So sorry to hear about your dog; I hope she's healing well. Gorgeous Christmas gifts you're making!

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