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Poor Maddie! That's just awful. Luckily you did notice it and got it taken care of quickly by what sounds like a good vet. Nimitz punctured his paw over the summer but the newly graduated vet didn't see it and sent us home. Two days later it was pussy and swollen (infected) and our regular wonderful vet got everything straightened out. Give her an extra hug from us when you see her next!


oh no! I'm so glad it wasn't worse!


Oh no, poor Maddie! I'm so glad to hear it wasn't worse. Sending ear scritches and gentle hugs and healing thoughts her way!


Ouch!! I hope she heals quickly!


Poor Maddie. I hope she will be all healed soon. Thanks so much for visiting my blog via Feeling Stitchy. It's been a great way to discover new blogs.


That's so frightening! Poor Maddie. They are so resilient and she'll be feeling better and back to her old self soon. My heart goes out to you!


sending lots of love to miss maddie and her mama. {{hugs}}


Poor little poochie, I hope she heals quickly.


Wow! Scary! I'm glad it all turned out OK.


Poor Maddie. I hope she feels better soon and has a super speedy recovery to spend Christmas at home.


Oh no - poor Maddie! I'm glad that your girl will be okay, although I'm sure it sucks to have her away from you.

You and Neal are awesome pet parents. :)

Happy Holidays to your whole fam with extra pets and scratches thrown in for your furry family members.

kristen - gock's frocks

yikes! did not even think of hidden dangers under the snow! Glad she is OK


Poor Maddie! Thank goodness Neal took her to the vet down the hill.

Wearing the rat hat when she gets home is a small price to pay considering what could have happened.



Yikes!! I'm so glad she's okay, but ... scary!!


Oh poor girl, hope she feels better soon!


awww, the poor sweetie! i'm so glad she's ok; it's a miracle!

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Poor little puppy. Very scary! I hope she is healing well, and that you guys are having good holidays. Have a peaceful New Years!


Poor girl! I send my wishes for a swift recovery!

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