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Fantastic goals!

Turning 40 is wonderful. I deemed my 40s the Decade of Taking No Crap. Four years into it, it seems to be working out well.



Wonderful and worthy goals. I agree with Nora - 40 and over are great times because you care less about what other people think! It's very freeing.


Those sounds like really good and attainable goals. I did the first two days of the 100 pushup plan before forgetting to do it. I think you're inspiring me to give it another shot! :-)


I turned 39 5 weeks ago and began to think about my goals before hitting 40 as well. You've got a good list. I need to solidify mine before they float off into the ether and I forget to do anything!


Those are excellent goals. I will be 30 in April. I'm inspired to create my own list.


Excellent goals. We should have a Bible read-along. I keep meaning to do that too. I wish I could find a good study guide that wasn't religous in nature, but more cultural, looking at the Bible as a cultural and literary document.


What a wonderful idea. You always have the best ideas, my Bev. I know what you mean about not feeing our age. How can we be in our later 30s when we still feel young and vibrant?



Good luck! You've got a wonderful set of goals.


good luck on your goals, and here's to a beautiful decade. as my (somewhat older friend said to me on the eve of my forties, "it's a long way to fifty!


Those are some awesome goals! Good Luck!


How are those pushups coming? Good for you! Forty is not the end of the world, and I can see that you are gearing up to be a stronger and more creative person in your next decade -- CHEERS!


Don't get me wrong, I AM looking forward to this new decade, I just wonder how did we get there? I think 40's are going to be fabulous!! I just hope that grace accompanies wisdom. Hey did you know that if you read three chapters of the Bible each day and 7 chapters on Saturday and Sunday you will read the Bible in 1 year?

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