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kathy b

Thanks for the wonderful essay review.. I'll have to get it and savor it too!
My son and I want a new camera for the winter days when he is taking another photography class in high school. Current camera has a door broken with hospital tape keeping it closed and duct tape around the lens connection!


I've wanted that book since it first became available in the UK, now I need to go to amazon.

My wish list is primarily Alice and Jade Starmore sweater kits and an iPhone! None of which I need.

Kim U

I've been hold out on getting that book until my library gets a copy, not sure if I can actually make it though!


a new camera (even a new Point & Shoot) made a huge difference in my photography. Now if I could only work on the lighting I think mine would improve tenfold.

I don't want to talk about the wishlist. I wish for lots, my E says too much. What do I need? I have a roof, family, food ...


Right now my list is a camera, loom and drum carder. Now much, right? :-) So I'm curious about how you like your loom and if you enjoyed the Webs class. I want to weave scarves and Dave said that he didn't like weaving with a riggid heddle loom. What do you think? And how was the Webs class? I know what you mean about all those great photos Daves and Scouts blogs!


I agree that a fancy new camera would be nice but for now I'm just going to have to be content with window shopping.


Excellent review. I'll have to see if I can pick that up... when the semester's over.


Thank you for the wonderful review. I will definitely put that one on my list. I am a few days away from getting a new "fancy" camera and am VERY excited about it. I, too, am realizing the limitations that my current point-and-shoot presents and am ready to upgrade and (hopefully) create art. The pictures of your weaving are just beautiful.

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