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I loved The Book Thief and Water for Elephants. They were both good pieces of historical fiction.
I read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie last year and felt pretty much the same way that you did. I am also doing the 1% well-read challenge and am all of one book into it. Go me. :| My next book that I start will be one from the list.


'The Prime of MJB' is one that's been on my list forever, thanks for reminding me!


I hate that any book featuring a teenaged or younger protagonist is automatically categorized as YA fiction. So many people miss out on some great literature because of the way books are shelved...


I'm currently re-reading Gone With the Wind. For the seven thousandth time. Because a) I don't have much time for pleasure reading this semester, b) when I do have time, I don't have the mental energy for something new, and c) I went to the bookstore yesterday and tortured myself by looking at stuff I want to buy and then putting it all down and only buying birthday presents, which is after all what I was there for. Ugh. I can't wait for December.


I just finished reading The Book Thief too and I thought that it's one of the best books around. Quite a sad book...it made me cry at some parts. Actually, it made me cry and laugh at various parts.


Water for Elephants was such a good book. I'm just about to dive into Cormac McCarthy's The Road. I'm preparing myself for a very sad story.


i'm so glad to see your beautiful sweater jacket is almost complete! that's a great shot of it- i love the texture. hopefully i will get to see it on you in person at Starbucks sometime soon! *sigh* i miss knitting...

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