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But I love your beaver totem! I'm actually off to visit the beavers at my friends cabin this weekend. They are very, very cute.


This post made me smile.

Your gazpacho sounds delicious. I've got a recipe involving roasting most of the ingredients, including the tomatoes, before blending it all together and chilling. Decadent.


i'm kind of taken with the owl that lives in my woods. and how could anyone throw out their fourth grade report card?

Kay in New Mexico

I clicked on the link to Black Ships -- wow -- it's been a long time since I read reviews as literate and enthusiastic as these!

I've had years of both Classical Latin and Classical Greek, and tons of early history. I'm gonna get this book.

Kay in New Mexico

Oh, yeah. And I'm gonna read it while I eat gazpacho. With panzanella. And some kind of youngish red wine.

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