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And thank you for reminding us to keep thinking about this!


I got the biggest smile when I saw how many people had posted!


I'm sorry I missed this but unfortunately we were dealing with Alex and his first and hopefully last broken arm. It looks like you done good girl!


64!! Fantastic.


wow! 64 yeah, think of all the ones who did see and read the info! congrats to the winner! i was bummed when i did miss out on purchasing the yarn . maybe in a round 2 ??

Pork with Bones

I suspect your total was actually 65 — I forgot to comment over here, and I got busy hacking in the background of my site last night. All the same, I wanted you to know that there was a +1 to the 8x8, because this is an issue dear to my heart.


I am proud of knitbloggers! I am glad that I was a small part of the group posting about this topic. Thank you for organizing it.


I'm totally blown away, yet again by this community!

64! That way surpasses the 40 that I had hoped for!

and the quote is Mihail Bakunin



Thank you for reminding us that we can use our powers for good. The message was heard.

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