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Glad to hear you're having a good time! :o)


I know what you mean about missing NM. I keep telling people that I'd like to live in one of two places: New England, or New Mexico. Hard to say, sometimes, which one I miss more.

Man, we should all buy a house there, and take turns living in it. ;)

Just read your treadmill blog, too--glad to hear you're excited! Can't wait to read drafts for Writing Club.


I hope you found cowboys to dance with.



Glad you are having a great time! hope you got to dance! I am reading Miss Pettigrew and loving it!


Isn't it wonderful and awful to have moved around? Now that I'm back in my hometown, it's almost as if all those other places were just my imagination. Except when I dwell on them and they become real again and then I miss them like crazy.


Yay! While it's fun to go off and experience new things, I always look forward to that first night back with my bed, sheets, and pillow.


I'm glad you had a good time! One day maybe you can have a second home and split your time among them. :-)

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