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Have a satisfying, delightful trip! We'll be watching for your posts from afar.


Have a good trip!


Have a great trip!!


I am so jealous of your trip. Have a great time!


Have fun tripping the lights fantastic out west. Will you see Scout?


I'm so jealous! And excited for you. Give all the appropriate people my best, and eat extra portions of yummy food at the restaurant near the hotel for me. :)


I started on Goodreads, fell down a rabbit hole, and somehow ended up on your blog. So now that I'm here, I want to say that I liked your review of *Eat, Pray, Love* and I'm looking forward to your take on *The Monsters of Templeton,* which I just finished reading. I'm puzzling over my own review of that one: although I found Groff's endeavor to fall short in some areas, I also found parts of the project worthy of praise. No spoilers here...it will be fun to compare notes...

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