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I read this book for the 1% challenge as well, and loved it. I agree, its the perfect summer read. If you like this, you might also enjoy Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris, by Paul Gallico. Also a kind of fairy tale story.


You are really getting some great use out of your Africa bike, aren't you! I really want one as well--how did you choose that particular bike?


I *love* Nick and Nora! :o)


Okay not sure why Google reader is showing two new posts when evidently you have posted a lot more than twice. Hmmmm....

I think I have to add that book to my reading. Will a Pomatine do instead of lemonade with vodka? ;-)



I listened to the audiobook last week while driving to/from work. I laughed and SNORTED in the car, it was so funny, and so sweet in how it described what some night think of as a "demimonde." Now I want to see the film.

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