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Oh, lovely! I'm quite enamored of that yarn, in particular, but I'm thoroughly impressed with your weaving abilities, as well. :) Neat!


Wow! That is just beautiful Beverly. Now I want a loom.


so beautiful. ack! so many people tempting me with looms. stop it!! ;)



As for what's making me happy today? My newly cleaned and re-conquered office...


Oh Gorgeous!!! You are make me wanting a loom even more.
Congrats on the win that is awesome!!



Awesome! I was the one who kept popping in to admire all the new weavers and their work.


That is really lovely, Bev.

I am happy because last week I got (off Freecycle) 3 whole Romney fleece. THREE! For FREE! I know I'm not a spinner, but I couldn't pass it up. Skirted them Saturday, washing test yesterday, will start washing bigger batches tonight. I guess this means I have to learn how to spin!


another weaver! yea! lovely work :)

Dave Daniels

That's SO beautiful. And your edges are so even.

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