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3. Have you tried stinging nettle capsules? how about a neti pot?

4. :(

6. I might be persuaded...

7. :)


I usually only lurk but the lace swap sounds like a lot of fun!


Count me in!


Hmmm, I may be up for the Knit lace kit swap... I'd have to see the details though as the summer is getting very busy.


I've loved the kit swaps and have made some great friends with them, I'd be in!


happy ravelversary!!

Ramona Chesley

Hey, we share an anniversary! Happy anniversary!


I hope you're feeling soon, my Bev. Allergies are just not a good time.

I'm looking forward to more photos of that lace. I'm also looking forward to hearing about that along.



You really have a lot of cool stuff going on here. I'd love to join a lace kit swap, or any sort of knit lace swap. Sounds great. I'm also very tempted by your Word Nerd Coop--it's a fantastic idea. I'm "busy" on my dissertation, but also have another creative thing going that's much more fun...

Sorry about your allergies, ugh me too!

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