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I think that's what the British call a "sit up and beg" bicycle.

Very fun! And very socially aware. Nice job, Bev!


congrats for you--a worthy purchase. you might like to read "what is the what" by dave eggars. amazing story about the sudan and wht happened to the people there.


Oh, the memories of banana-seat bicycles.... Love your new ride and its story, and I'd love to hear when you do, someday, realize your dream of Africa.

Ramona Chesley

THAT, looks like the perfect bike.


What a great addition to your family.


That is one cool bike!


What a completely cool bike!


I love it! I wish I lived closer to everything so I could do errands on my bike. :o)


Congrats! May you and she see many, many miles.


Yummy biking! Saving gas, helping Africans, looking great and burning calories. Did you knit at stop lights? If you did then I'd say you had a perfect ride.


Ha! I can only second Janet. It's funny, I was just reading about volunteer travel in Africa, but I'd rather track the endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda. I think AIDS orphans trump gorillas in the high-stakes game of being a good person, though.


Sweet ride! You can see mine here:




I just bought the African this month. I had them retro it into a 3 speed because Kona didnt have any in stock when I made the purchase. I love it! I ride her to work, the store and downtown. I live in a small midwest town so getting around is very easy. I love this bike!!!!

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