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Have you read Kavalier and Clay? I have a copy that someone pressed on me, and I haven't got to it yet. Do tell.

Cute pincushion!

Thanks for your comment over at my place - I really wasn't wanting anyone to feel guilty about not saying anything - it was just very striking to me that the bunch who usually comments in such a jovial way were silent!


What a lovely package!


So cute and perfect for you!


I like your gifts!
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What an awesome package and clever pincushion!


i love a theme!
also Kavalier and Clay is one of my favorite books ever - it's one I wanted to keep reading and I did not want it to end. I might have to re-read that one again soon.


OHMIGOD!!!! I am in love with that pincushion. That is fantastic! I must have one of those asap. What a great package.

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