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It speaks well of the environment you create in your classroom that the kind of friendship you describe has the ability to grow and flourish.

Lucky students, yours.


What a great story.

I met one of my closest friends in a linguistics class in college. We still talk about that professor every now and again... fondly!


I met my best life friend in a college class too. What a nice story and a lovely friendship.


Oh what a wonderful story! Something like this really touches you and makes all of the crap (20 pages, isn't it?) worth it.


I am a French teacher and the same types of intimate friendships also form in a language class, it makes the class so rewarding! There are also frequent couples that form as well:)


Geez, Bev. Just make me cry, why don't you. They are lucky, to have found each other and to have had you as a teacher.

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