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I get great ideas in the shower too. Wonder why?


Ooooh that is the most awesome idea ever!!! I'd love to do something like that.


Sounds like a great idea... count me in. :)


me too! (raises hand)


I'd be in. I can use anything that resembles a deadline or obligation!


I don't know if I'm ready for a writing "buddy," because all I'm writing right now is blog posts, but I would absolutely participate in a forum - like the blog or site you envision. Maybe that would even inspire me to write now, instead of "someday."


I'd be in, for sure.


I'd like to try this. I'm scared of strangers, but I came this way via Yarn-a-Go-Go's Rachel. I'd like to be brave enough to give it a shot since I've taken a leave of absence from my job to write starting... oh... this summer. Yay!


Such a fabulous idea. I don't know if I'll have the time for it, but I love it!

Oh, and in addition to my knitting blog, I have a writing blog, too...


I'm struggling to keep on track with fiction writing and would be into trying this.


I'd be in...I need to be held accountable!


What a great idea! I haven't written in any serious way for years, but I'll cheer you all on from the sidelines!


This terrifies me, but I need it. Bad.


YES! Oh yes. Please let me join.


I'm not exactly sure how I got here, but this sounds like a great idea. I'd like to be counted in, if that's ok?


oh please count me in.. that is if i survive this masters project and am still around after May 9th.. ;)


Oh so cool!
Please count me in too!
The Artist's Way got me through a lot of writing mind blanks!
I love that series!


Melanie sent this on to me. Sounds like a fun plan for the summer. Terrifying, but fun. Like a rollercoaster...


I'm game; I have both fiction and nonfiction I'd like to get back to working on. Awesome idea, and thanks for organizing it!


I love this idea. I'm doing a PhD and can talk academic crap with other postgrads in my department, but they are not much help on the creative side! If you're not already overwhelmed, I'd be interested.


I found you by way of Rachael's blog and would definitely be interested in signing up to have a writing partner...Great idea!


I would definitely be up for being held accountable. :-P

I wouldn't mind setting up a strictly writing blog, either. I told myself I NEED to finish my book and screenplay by year's end and I might need some help.

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