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Oh noz!

I hope your laptop feels better soon because I need my Bev online.


OOohhh, that's bad. We can't have it. I wish I could tell you how to fix it, but I'm an idiot.


Isn't it ridiculous how quickly you get attached to technology you might not have thought you'd even use?
Sorry I've been a bad blog-reader/correspondent lately. You're in my thoughts, though.


I hope it gets all sorted out! It's sad, but I feel lost without my internet connection.


Yikes, that happened to me several months ago and it made me insane--then I decided to look at it as a break, and then when I got it back I felt refreshed somehow!


oh no! How can you bear it?! Seriously, I'd be ready to kill someone...

Ramona Chesley

It's funny last month when my computer crashed I was running around borrowing time on friend's computers. It made me think how just a few decades ago women were running to each others houses to borrow a "cup of suger" and now we are borrowing each others computers.

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