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Thanks for posting about! I was so disappointed to miss it this year.


What a handsome fellow! He looks so blase about the whole picture taking thing. BTW? I got a cute b-day present from my friend yesterday, and thought of you! It's a new book out called What Would Audrey Do? All about the life lessons we can learn from our shared personal icon of fabulousness, Audrey Hepburn! I'll let you know how it is...

Jen in CT

I can't wait to see what you spin up with your hankies! :-)


It was great to see you - and meet the elusive husband (and Bev's Mom) ;o)


I got some hankies too. Dark purple ones. The way purple is meant to be purpled. I was thinking that I should have grabbed more, but then I figured I should maybe see if I like spinning them first. If I like them then there is always Mass or Rhinebeck.


I missed going with you! Did you get to see the dogs?

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