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I love the name! I think that both aspects of it are right in line with what you're proposing. One question I have is whether we can be partnered with more than one buddy, especially if we are working on two very different projects. As for the mission statement, I think it's a great idea, and I'm not sure what I would add to it. It seems like it might need language about what kind of behavior is expected or (in)appropriate, but that may be my inner lawyer struggling to get out.


I love the name too! I always call myself an English nerd in the classroom (I teach English 9 and 11 in a suburban upstate NY school). The kids love it when I call them that too...well, the ones who are English nerds anyway.

I am wondering if we will be partnered with someone around the same writing experience level? I have a feeling as a relatively new writer, some of you ladies are far beyond where I am at!


That's a great name. I'm of an age where I'm proud to be a nerd. Of any kind!

I like the idea of having a central blog that we can all post to, so we can see what everyone else is doing. And maybe we could consider contributing brief craft-book reviews? So if one of us has found a writing book we think particularly helpful, we could post a paragraph or two about it, why we think it's good and who it's good for. Just a thought.

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