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Hey that is such great news, what a fantastic feeling. I remember finishing my dissertation and finally felling that I could go into a bookstore and read for pleasure!

Making me happy: I am going to the South of France on Sat. BY MYSELF!


Woohoo! Raise that glass of brew, to you! (pardon me while I channel Dr. Suess...)

I have spent the evening sitting on a cushion, my back warmed by the fire I built in my fireplace in my living room, knitting sock #2 for my hubby watching "Don't Forget the Lyrics". Definitely a good night!


Congratulations! Enjoy that Guinness, you deserve it!

What is making me happy right now? Crochet with cotton yarn.


You are simply AWESOME! I was thinking about you yesterday and feeling your joy at the mailbox.

Hmmm...what's making me happy today? I think the outpouring of donations to my MS walk team is making me happiest right now. It's great to feel that loved.



What's making me happy right now? Only that my dear friend has worked so hard for her well-earned right to relax. Other than that, let's just say that I have a few hurdles of my own. Without committing that awful sin of wishing my life away, I admit that I am looking forward to May and my own break between classes.
**Thanks for sharing your happiness with us all.**


Congrats! Progress is making me happy this week.


Yay! I am so happy for you that the end is truly in sight. What a great feeling you must have.

I am also happy because after two weeks in the hospital I am out and feeling almost human again!


Fantastic news! Yay Bev!

As far as happiness, I just spent a lovely week with my kids. We had a great time together.


Woo hoo! Congratulations!


Yea!!! Hearing that others are happy makes me feel good so thanks and congrats!

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