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If I could take stuff off your list for you, I would and if I can, then just ask!

We love you - mean reds and all!

P.S. Thanks for the email and that attachment - we're honored!


My "to do" list usually has knitting some place on it so that I can at least take a little joy from it. And it always has "grade papers" listed so I don't even know why I bother listing that. For some people, competition will come in any form, including the work we have to do, which seems utterly silly and kind of sad.

You're right about the kid card . . . it is a choice but it usually trumps every other. Hang in there, Bev. It will be official spring soon.


Don't forget an important to-do for today--go running and work out those mean reds!!


I feel ya. There's "to do," and then there's "TO DO." And there's home to do, and work to do, and life to do, and you can't have a conversation with anyone without hearing how "busy" they are. Beats the alternative, hey? Just keep chipping away. The urgent stuff will get done because that's how you are.


I always think that is a very American thing to do. Like a twisted new version of keeping up with the Joneses.



A couple of observations:

There is no reason or way to adequately compare "to-do" lists, whether one has children or not. What is overwhelming to one is a cake walk another, but that doesn't mean that the person who is overwhelmed is somehow less able to cope because of it. My growing up was tough - and people will say "Oh, you had it so tough, I can't imagine blah blah blah" and my response is always the same - I would never assume my life was either harder or easier than anyone else's because there is simply no way to compare. If you had a stable home, with two loving parents, and no major financial worries, then something that happened to you that might have seemed trivial to me might have been a major upheaval to you - and you'd be right - for you, in your circumstances, it was, and a comparison of two different circumstances is ultimately petty and unsatisfying.

Regarding choice: I am right there with you - everything we do is a choice. I often tell my husband that doing nothing in a given situation is a choice as much as anything else.

And sometimes the best choice is just to embrace the mean reds, knowing that the universe seeks balance, and ultimately everything will feel right as rain again.



I never really understood the one-up mentality when it comes to anything. It's good to get it all out and even to hear what others have going. Sometimes, it gives perspective, and other times, it's just good/bad to know that we're all losing footing. Look at what you have to do -- is there anything that you can drop, that can wait or that can be "farmed out" (laundry). Just remember to stop, breathe and breathe some more.

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