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Divine Bird Jenny

I'm spinning nothing but reds and oranges for Fire. I have 2oz of cashmere and 2oz of silk in orange that I plan to ply together (though we'll see if I stick to that when it's spun) and I'm working on a series of reds for my shop. I'm not normally a 'red' person, esp. since I'm quite firmly a water sign NO MATTER WHAT form of astrology you use...so it feels daring and exciting to do nothing but fiery colors. Even the sweater I want to start for myself (Bombshell, from Big Girl Knits) has a fiery name, AND I'm doing it in yellow. I notice I've been leaving the house with red and yellow scarves, too. It's fun to see how PS can be incorporated in my life!

Nichole D.

Hmmm, I haven't really thought about what I'm doing for PS:E! Time to get inspired...


I was just thinking of you last night when I was watching Dr. Who. He went back in time and met Shakespeare.

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