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I am registered indie, so no primary vote for me. However, a certain candidate doesn't seem to know that and we have received no less than SIXTEEN calls from said candidate's headquarters, but no others. I placed a complaint call to said candidate's HQ, and they were shocked, miffed, and also a bit rude. Needless to say, this colors my opinions...Now get out there and vote since you get to!

happy zombie

I couldn't agree with you more! I was once an Indy, but changed to Demo so I too could vote in a primary (even though I now live in Oregon, I had voting rights in CA and was still voting there up until a few years ago).

This election is historical and momental - glad you're blogging about it! :o)


I can't determine what the results will be for TN for the Republican candidates. It is traditionally a red state with uber-Conservatives. With the influx of people moving here from other states, I wonder what the dynamic will be.

Happy Super Tuesday!

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