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Actually home made cheesecake is the best. You can't beat it.


What could be better than hanging out at home tasting different cheese cakes?


Oh God, I don't even allow myself to think about cheescake. The fat, the calories..... straight to the the butt, the thighs.


I'm a Junior's gal myself!


That sounds like so much fun!

We lower the lights in the house, and play CD's. RM and I really enjoy sharing the music we love with our kids. It's a lot of fun. We take turns on who gets to pick the next song.


While I realize it sounds like I'm on a kick...Pop's Deli in West Hartford used to (and may still) sell Carnegie Deli cheesecake in all its rich, New Yorky, fluffy yet hefty goodness. :-D


My Uncle-in-Law was an Austrian pastry chef and I have his cheesecake recipe. To. Die. For. Let me know if you want it. ;o)

We catch up on the TiVo for amusement around here...


What about my cheesecake? Triple chocolate.


We had a cheesecake contest that weekend as well. Back in the fall at a potluck a friend and i challenged each other to a bake off. We made it an open event, but no one else took us on. I make a brownie cheesecake and a cinnamon, and he make a sweet potato and one that was several layers and flavors.
One person ordered one from Eli's bakery in NYC just to be obnoxious, but it didn't arrive in time. heehee
Next year I'm sure we'll have a whole new batch of bakers.


Hee hee. Would you believe I've lived in NY for over 3 years and have still never had a Junior's cheesecake? Another item for the "to do" list. I embroider, play video games, and check my blog comments obsessively all winter. :)

Thanks for participating in The Great Comment Expedition on Feeling Stitchy!!

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