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80 papers!!! My eyes blur just thinking of reading through that many papers for grading purposes!

I had to laugh about your being Luddites; Ed and I also refuse to have a cell phone.

The best X-country ski trails always go uphill at the beginning for that glorious run back to the vehicle.:-)


You ARE a Golden Goddess. EIGHTY papers is amazing. Makes you never want to read ever again, no? I feel your pain. And one thing I've learned, all they care about is the final grade at this point. So, just imagine how many kids you're making happy tonight. :-D


YOU deserve a medal!


Eighty papers?!? Good lord you must read fast!!
I hope you enjoy the show! You deserve a little R&R.


You deserve a break!! Big time break!!! I know what some of the papers that were written in my last classes looked like and these guys were senior fire service people.

And good luck with the presents!!!


It's simple - you're my hero! Hey, are you still headed down here next month?? If so, we'd LOVE to see you (and MB and Neal too!)


Ah, the life of an adjunct. 80 papers beats any record I've had so far--and now I have a goal for next semester. Or not. :)

Guess what B & I bought ourselves for Christmas? Seasons 1 & 2 of Deadwood! It's even better on the 2nd & 3rd viewings...

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