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I come from a long line of composters. My German grandfather always had a compost pile for his veggie garden. My parents used their compost in beautiful ornamental gardens filled with their prize rhododendrons. There is nothing better that you can do for your soil. The fact that less is being sent to the landfills is certainly an added benefit!

The only tips I have are to keep it turned, to keep the air circulating and make sure you have a good balance of wet and dry (veggie scraps & leaves). Rodale Press publishes a good book on composting that you can probably find at your local library.


I just started a compost pile this past spring. A moved into a new place and there was one of those Rubbermaid compost things. Well she needed the space for a hawk cage. (Her DH is a licensed hawk person.) So I got it. I am not sure if mine got hot enough but I can see it settling and it smells okay. I have found that my trash is a lot less now.

There are lots of hints out on the internet for composting. I have two big trash barrels that I need to dump into my neighbor's bigger pile. He gets to use my compost since I get to use his garden.


I'm trying a lasagne method this winter. You layer different browns and green in your garden beds ( leaves, manure, peat moss)and just let it sit all winter and decompose. I will let you know how it worked next spring.


I'm just starting to compost again. We have in the past just taken our waste into the garden during the winter and turning it. This year we are doing piles and I'm thinking of trying Ramona's method, now that the leaves have started to really fall off the trees.


Sadly I don't compost since it's kind of difficult to do as an apartment dweller, but I really wish I could!

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