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Oh I think you should definitely go ahead and make the voodoo doll.


There was a great voodoo doll pattern in the Anti Craft a while back. I'm making one. :)


voodoo doll for SURE

Nichole D.

Yes, a voodoo doll is in order, definitely. Even if it doesn't work, it'll make you feel better!


Personally, I think you need to send that dude some bad juju . Or, poke him with dpns repeatedly. And THIS is why I love New Yorkers and am not an actual Red Sox fan. :-D


Grrrr. Link didn't insert in post. http://www.theanticraft.com/archive/samhain05/badjuju.htm It would have been funnier if you could have just clicked the hyperlink I tried to insert.


Somebody has a big problem and it's not about New York. You're smart to move your office hours to the student union. Way to avert disaster!


We all need a good rant now and again. Now go and get started on that voodoo doll.


Um, I'd say a voodoo doll is totally in order. What a tactless poop head.


I guess there are trolls in real life as well as on the internet... I think holding your hours elsewhere is a good idea as this guy sounds like a real klinker. And I'd wager he'll never be in tune with the rest of us. So best to be done with him. Oh, except for the voodoo doll - that's totally a go.

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