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Aww. Bummer your plans didn't work out. Happy Halloween!


I hope you get some trick or treaters regardless! Have a happy Halloween.

Kim U

I know, we're waiting for trick or treaters now - but we'll be lucky if we have 3 kids stop by. They block an entire block off two streets over, so almost no one comes over to the darker, scarier side of the neighborhood :)


We live on a main artery and get no one. Yet, DH buys candy every. single. year. This year? $8 worth of tootsie roll products. I kid you not. Heck, we didn't realize until about 7:30 that we didn't have the stupid light on to alert trick or treaters to our willingness to fatten 'em up. So, $8 worth of Tootsie Roll products sits on the dining room table. waiting to be eaten by DH. I think it's his master plan.


I know the feeling. We don't get a single trick or treater. We live a little too far out in town and our closest neighbors are all older folks without kids.
Ah well. Hope you had a good Halloween.

Kay in Albuquerque

Gummy eyeballs? Oh, wow! I don't think you can get these in Albuquerque.

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