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Ohh, that sounds like something I would do. I discovered in high school (yes, high school -- but if you asked my family about the incident they'd rhapsodize as if it were just the other day) that eggs are, in fact, a necessary part of made-from-scratch brownies.

Ah well -- live and learn, right? (And then become a famous writer who can hire a housekeeper/chef/personal shopper?)


You had me at the post title! I had a bad flashback to the "revenge of the nerds"...

I do ALL the cooking. My husband is good at suggesting the restaurant if I'm too tired to cook. I have boiled a pot dry and set off the fire alarms before, and it is no fun. Now that I'm a little wiser from past experience, sometimes I'll set the kitchen timer if I know I'm going to get distracted.

Four more days!


That is going to be a gorgeous jacket on you, my Bev!

At least, you cook. ;^)


Burned soup. Yeah, that can make a kitchen stinky. I've done the same thing.


Uhm... I've boiled water until it was just a few hopping drops in the pan.


Let's just say that there was an "orange stir fry" incident and a "corn casserole" incident that I will never live down. DH? He managed to mess up a frozen waffle. Go ahead, beat that one. :-) At least soup requires more effort than a toaster oven making it harder. It happens to all of us. Especially when we want to eat something really. really. badly.


Oh forget about the soup, that's what take-out is for. I'm just proud of you for knitting your first adult sweater! I need to try that sometime.


Don't feel too badly. Some years ago I was BOILING WATER for tea, and got sidetracked just like you, and when I came back who-knows-how-long later to investigate the strange smell in my kitchen, I found that my teapot had FUSED to the cooking element. I had to throw them both away and replace the element. (And last month, after all this time, I finally got myself a new teapot.)

It happens to the most distracted of us!


I bought a heat diffuser last week and so far it has been totally worth it. I didn't even scorch the tomato sauce the other night (a weekly occurrence since my burners are too hot for 'simmering' except for one which is buried behind my 'super hot' burner). Get thee to a kitchen store and get one! ;o)


Tonight I burned chocolate pudding, _while stirring it_. My mother sat next to a whistling teakettle until it boiled dry - she was reading. I thought that was amazing until I did the same thing. Now I have a rule:
I do not leave the kitchen while cooking anything, unless it is in the microwave, which turns itself off. All hail the inventor of the microwave.


After I pulled off a similar cooking stunt, DH called me at work the next day and asked "what are you going to char tonight?" I haven't cooked since!

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