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You ARE a damn good teacher!


Bev, someday, I just know, you'll follow the one true path to Red Sox Nation. :)

Go Sox!


*sigh* I don't know...this is a pretty big hurdle in our friendship. A Yankees fan?


You're more than just a damn good teacher! What'll you do though the next time the Yankees make it to the World Series???


Divine Bird Jenny

I never got caught up in the Yankees/Sox thing--my dad didn't watch baseball, so we remain one of the few untouched New Englanders who have no preference. ;) Of course, if pressed, I suppose we choose the Sox, but that's really more of a 'gun-to-the-head' thing than not.

That said, I'd have given ANYTHING to have a teacher who lightened the load due to Red Sox games. :) More time for drawing!!


Yep, 13 hours is plenty, even for a rock star! You're great.


13 hours is more than I put in today! But, then, I had some extenuating circumstances. You are a ROCK STAR teacher.

Although, I beg to differ, true New Yorkers are, ahem, METS fans. :-D


Wow. I doubt most teachers would be that kind!

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