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I have a very clear memory of going to see that movie and your right it did suck! I'm waiting for the new Elizabeth movie with Cate Blanchett.


Congrats to Bev :o)

hmmmmm...the worst movie I've seen in a while...I got nuthin'. I guess I've had some good luck lately! :o)


I'm with you on Gothic. Is this the one where he imagines eyes on her breasts? Ugh! A complete festival of overindulgence.


I remember that movie. I went thru a Julian Sands phase. Don't judge me!

It was something, wasn't it? *L*


I thought The Fountain was pretty sucky.

I saw Gothic many moons ago, and can't remember a thing. I must be blocking it from my memory. :-)


Netflix has definitely opened my world to all the bad movies out there. The most recent sucky movie I have seen? Xanadu with Olivia Newton John and Gene Kelly.

Don't believe me? Let's just say Olivia is a greek muse sent to inspire an artist, who hooks up with an aged musician, and the two open a rollerskating disco (in 1980 mind you!) where their favorite bands duel. Think big band vs. glam rock. And it is a musical.

Yeah. Powerful stuff.


I know all kinds of people thought it was just grand, but I thought Babel was pretty low-rate. One of those Hollywood-wants-to-give-us-a-moral-and-at-the-same-time-be-artsy movies.

Divine Bird Jenny

I just did something a lot like that with "Little Nikita", which is obviously not a tour de force or anything, but still--I remember LOVING that movie in high school. It turned up on Netflix's 'watch it now' page, so I told my husband I wanted to see it. He was a good sport and sat through it...mostly...but oh dear gods, it did not stand the test of time. Any movie where the 'big reveal' is that the main character's parents are *gasp* RUSSIAN SPIES OMG just needs to be buried and forgotten. Or at very least, laughed at. It was just so, so bad.

Steve O'Rourke

Even as a hardcore Ken Russell fan, I feel no call to defend Gothic.


the fountain was pretty crap. before that AI was really suck, and there was some teeny bopper movie in 2000 that was basically just "when harry met sally" but with college kids. that was a waste of my time.


dana and i went to see "knocked up" at the dollar theatre (you KNOW how excited dana was for this!) a couple weeks ago and we were so annoyed and bored and the movie was so unfunny and long that we almost walked out (again: can you imagine dana walking out of a movie?!?). definitely a suckfest. miguel

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