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You have had quite the year! I can't believe you have Santa for a reader! Lucky grrl.;-)


It's funny, I haven't had any school connections for 7 years, but I still feel the back to school vibe. I also get the itchyness in the spring when it's almost time for it to be over.


I didn't know you had connections in the North Pole.


You made me smile so big with that post. Thank you, you lucky girl, you!

I'm with you one hundred percent about September. It always falls right after my birthday so every September is the start of a new year for me.

P.S. Santa, huh? ;-)

Kim U

Our classes started last week, but it was still nice to have the long weekend to take some time to think before things get too crazy.

Soooo, are you on Santa's nice list or the naughty one :)


I think that sense of restarting every September is something that sticks with us after so many years of schooling. When the weather changes with the new month, I can see how it makes sense, too.

My plans are sock based. *L*

Forget Santa. Where's the Easter Bunny and his chocolate eggs?! ;^)


I'm glad this summer was better than last summer. Even if you are so damn far away.


It sounds like a perfect summer.

Even after being out of an academic environment for a long time, I still can't shake the sense that September marks the beginning of the year.

Nichole D.

Ah, back to school. I always loved it, too!


Flyboy started SCHOOL today...pre-K, but still SCHOOL. Very exciting stuff.

My goals for the month were A)try to stay sane and B)turn 38, but they sound pretty lame. Thanks for getting me thinking about a little goal setting for myself!


It's funny working in a school myself I feel like September is the start of the year. I think it would be interesting to use a blog for your class, a lot of schools are starting to use blogs to recruit new students.


I feel the same way about September. Something about it just screams fresh start. I hope you have a great school year!


Does this comment help towards the goal?


I always feel like regrouping and starting fresh in September. Then I feel that way about January and the spring, too!
Glad you had a great summer!


September is beautiful. Yesterday I heard a happy song I'd forgotten about . . . "September" by Earth, Wind, and Fire(!). I love the changes, the smells, the temperature, the feeling of settling in and starting something new and important that lingers from my own school days long ago. Good luck with your academic year. And with your 2K goal! May the luckiest commenter win!

kathy b

Comments? Comments? I'll give you a comment.

Love the whole summer recap. How are the honeymooners? Are you going to be the Honeymooners for Halloween this year?


LOL Nope, didn't notice Santa but I'll keep my eye out for him. Best of luck with the new academic year.


so did I win yet? *grin*


Oh I agree-September is definitely the beginning of the year. It always has been and I like it better that way. I think being a teacher helps too. Sorry I haven't been around much, I'm sure I would have boosted those comment numbers a bit better. Hugs from Berlin!!

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