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Sadly, my answer would have to be weeds.


LOL @ Sheila!

I would like to have a veggie garden, but sadly I cannot. Our back yard is the woods. I would never ruin our view by putting up a fence, which is what I need from keeping the deer and other animals from eating the veggies.


Very cool garden design! I have to re-do my garden this fall but I'll be going with five square raised beds (I also have two acres to play with so...I have a pretty big garden)

The one thing I've learned? If you want your garden to be accessible and attractive, plant your squash elsewhere. Mine have overtaken my triangle and I can't get to half of my tomatoes without walking on squash...oy.


What a wonderful plan for a garden and what a fabulous husband for making it come true!

I love the week between xmas and new years because that's when the seed catalogs come. *L*

I have roses and Egyptian walking onions. I think I've killed off everything else. As long as they spray here for West Nile, I can't have a real garden. :?


That's going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see when it's finished.


My "garden" consists of several planting pots, one has already produced one (!) bell pepper - and I fear that was the whole harvest for this year. There are lots of tomatoes growing in another one. I have mint, which seems to survive everything. I had chard and am waiting for onions. I'd love to have a place where I can plant a permanent garden, but we are planning to move, so - oh well. One day.

Until then: G is definitely for gift. Georgeous gift. For great socks and generous knitter. G is for grateful sock wearer. And good choice of color. Thank you so much, Beverly. The socks are beautiful! And I'll have pictures up of me wearing them soon.

Many many thanks.


Your new kitchen garden sounds wonderful. I hope you'll post more photos of it. I have four raised garden boxes where I've planted carrots, paprika peppers (to make our own paprika), cherry tomatoes (including itty bitty currant tomatoes), various heirloom tomatoes, and peas. I also have what I call my kitchen herb garden with various herbs, irises, and some other flowers.

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