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Gotta entertain ourselves when we can :) When I'm alone in the house I find myself talking to the dogs and cats. They're not great conversationalists but they're awesome listers :)


I belt out songs in the car all the time!


That's not silly. That's keeping the neighbors away!

I seem to talk to the cat a lot. Yes, she does occasionally answer and I understand what she's telling me in her meows.

That can't be good. /sigh


Oh yeah, I talk and sing to the dogs all the time. When Tiwa was little and still working various parasites out of her system, I made up a song about her being the poopy puppy. It wasn't pretty. ;)


I make up silly songs for G all the time, because it makes him giggle, and the sound of his giggle is like heaven on earth.
Of course, when he asks me to sing that song about ___ later, I have to make up a whole new one cuz I never remember them!


I'm glad you found silliness and light. Keep that darkness at bay!


I talk to my cats, and sing loud songs around my kids. :-)


Too bad you missed her. Forget talking to the dogs-I just talk to myself out loud all the time. I'm sure it drives people in the grocery store CRAZY!


I sing too! We have "Wake up" songs, "Eat Your Food" songs, Cuddle Songs", "Do Your Chores" songs, etc. Both for my kids and my cats. And the "Do Your Chores" songs work as well for my girls as they do for my cats. When you called in your pooches were you wearing a housecoat with curlers in your hair? If not then repeat the song again tomorrow in the crazy lady get-up. You'll soon be the talk of your neighborhood.


Oh I talk to and sing to my dogs all the time - it's just me and them all day so I gotta talk to someone or I'll go nuts. Wait. Maybe I already have... ;o)


If I were your neighbor, that would actually attract me, not repel me... When I take my glasses off because it's too humid and they keep sliding down my nose, and walk around with my ipod on and the distance all a blur, I'm even more in my own world than usual and find myself talking to myself... out loud... in public... but at least it's in English and I can tell myself no one understands.

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