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Oh yeah, silk does stretch! Personally, I'd go with the cami since it won't be as heavy.

Gorgeous stuff!


Do the Chickami, it would look great in those colors.


I vote for the Chickami. It's a quick and simple knit that would be gorgeous with those colors!


I agree with the rest, Chickami would be beautiful in the yarn.


Lovely color. Should look wonderful on you, Bev.

I've no opinion other than concern about whatever you make may be a bit heavy.


A Honeymoon Cami might nice too. I knit the Julia Trice pattern a couple of years back and really like it.


Chickami will be so gorgeous on you! Isn't is funny how organizing your stash on Ravelry can reveal unexpected ideas for projects?


That will gorgeous knitted up in that yarn!

I'm not going to be able to make it tonight, couldn't find a sitter. I did start the stole this morning and am loving it so far.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Divine Bird Jenny

Oh hey! That's some nice silk you've got there. :D

How long did you wait for Ravelry to get back to you? I signed up ages ago but haven't gotten a login yet. :( I feel like the last kid on the block who hasn't got an account there. XD

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