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Yes, Blogger pulled that trick on me yesterday--argh!!


Bummer, dude...thanks for the reminder to back up my midterm!


Urgh! But I'm glad you've discovered the Monkey Love. I enjoyed the knit and am slightly obsessed with the socks. Perhaps it's the warm weather? There was a day last week when the high temp was upper 60s and there I was in my Monkeys.


You know what they always say: "only the good die young." Aparently true of writing too. ;)


Oh I hate it when that happens!

Happy sock knitting. I really enjoyed knitting the Monkey sock pattern.


Isn't that just always the way.
I guess I'd better cast on a pair of Monkeys. I think I'm the only knitter on the planet who hasn't & I've yet to meet a Cookie pattern that I don't like!

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