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Oooo, that sock yarn is pretty!! What base yarn did you use?
I love the way silk sucks up dye "like a chocolate milkshake" - perfect description!
If it wasn't pouring rain I think you would have inspired me to pull out my dyes and have a day of it.


Yummy sock yarn and lovely spinning! Your sock goals seem doable. I want to knit monkeys this summer too.


I am feeling a tad overwhelmed by all of the Summer of Sock events--I hope I can sort it all out by tomorrow!!


Lovely yarn!
I have missed the last 2 mtngs of the guild b/c of family obligations, but I hope to see you there in the fall!


Beautiful fiberigoodness!

Yes, that's a word. :p And, yes, that's how we used to get our last names. *L*

I like your goals. You can totally get that stuff done. I'm feeling a little like a ferret on crack when it comes to our Summer of Socks. Should be interesting. *L*


Congrats on the win! Beautiful sock yarn.

The dyed yarn looks great and so does the spinning!


Oh great, now I want a chocolate milkshake and Monkey socks, too....


Your spinning is beautiful, I really love the shades of blue.

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