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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your hour of sunshine, but really, as long as you two end up married at the end of the day, however it happens will be perfect.


I'll be trying to send you all the sunshine from NM I can find! The honeymoon destination looks really amazing!


Congrats in advance, and don't worry about the weather--when you have a honeymoon spot like that to look forward to, all will be well! Take lots of pictures!


You are much in my thoughts this week! Wedding and shawl and weather and . . .

Please keep your Reading Public posted about your Artist's Way journey. I have gone through the book twice. Each time I was surprised when I realized what the process was giving me, but the two experiences were quite different, which I had not expected. If I had a blog I would surely join in and do it a third time. Enjoy your journey!


Tease. ;)


I'm getting so excited for you! It will be a beautiful day no matter what the weather.


Inside, outside, whatever! Your getting married! Hope you have a perfect day.
Before knitting, my main hobby was finding out everything about my family tree. Trust me when I tell you that public records can be very addicting.


Sending lots of sunshine and cloud-free weather your way.

Kim, Blog Free

Working as a paralegal, I review a lot of death certificates, deeds and even marriage licenses and birth certificates. I always feel a kind of reverence towards these documents -- they do tell stories about people's lives.


Thinking dry thoughts!

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