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Wow, things are getting so exciting! The shawl is looking amazing, really wonderful. :0)


It is beautiful! Best of luck with all your dress stuff!!!


I'm so proud of you that shawl looks gorgeous! What color are the bridesmaids dresses?


You're doing a wonderful job, Bev. :D

Lovely invitations.


It is looking great! And I almost have your pin design worked out. :)


Your wedding shawl is coming along beautifully! I love weddings! I wish you all the best on your special day:)


Oh This just brought tears to my eyes. Really. Mona and I were just talking about this today! It's sooooo beautiful!


Loverly shawl and invitation! I certainly hope after the big day you will post a beautiful photo of your in your dress with shawl and flowers!!


Just gorgeous! And it'll be all the more gorgeous on you!


How exciting!!


Gorgeous invites!

I love the shawl as well. It's gorgeous.


The shawl is beautiful! Stay sane this month!


The shawl looks beautiful! You must be getting so excited!


Ooooooo....beautiful shawl, beautiful invites...you will share some photos from the wedding with us, won't you?


Bev those invites are absolutely smashing! (the shawl is lovely too...lol...) I went & checked out Blue Tulip and I'm so glad I did. Thanks for sharing those with us. My wedding will probably be years off (considering I'm missing a key part of that equation), but now I know I want green swirl invites with dragonflies on them...


Your shawl is even gorgeous pre-blocking! If you have questions about the edging then maybe you could email Eunny. I know she's really busy with her new job, and the Seasocks cruise, but maybe you can catch her in a down time. I'm excited for you!

kathy b

Yes I want to see! And the invites and everything!

kathy b

Yes I want to see! And the invites and everything!


Your shawl looks great. It makes me wish I'd been a knitter when I got married. The invitations are really cool too!


The shawl is so beautiful... hope all the wedding preparations are going well!

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