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I am not usually a green person, but that roving looks amazing!


Ooooh! Gorgeous green! :)


Wow, I'd like to take you up on the purse but you know I'm saving my money for JAPAN! I feel the same way about green + New Mexico...


Ah, the spring cleaning bug! Feels good doesn't it?


Oooooh! That is a delicious green! It's funny, but since the beginning of the year, I can't get enough of green. I want to wear green, eat green, be green!

And just yesterday I copied the Calorimetry pattern to my desktop and made mental plans to knit one for myself, even though it's spring now. I have this crazy auto-immune disorder that sometimes makes my hair flal out in crop circles, and I need to come up with something nice to cover the latest hole. I wonder if it would work well in mercerized cotton? I lvoe the way it looks, but I wonder if it will look good on me—I also have a wonky head. Worth a try, anyway.


The KS organizer is lovely, but I'm also a Moleskinne gal.


That yarn and roving are so yummy! My favorite color!

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