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kathy b

Now that will make a wonderful wedding memory.


It's going to make a lovely shawl(I know you can finish it on time)!


It's gorgeous yarn. It will make an exquisite wedding shawl.


You're going to look gorgeous! :)


Oh I hope you just love it as much once it's in your hands!

It was really my pleasure. Even if it caused some anxiety. I will be there in a way, on the special day. You know?


The yarn is beautiful, and I love that stole pattern.

I was married last October (in South Lake Tahoe at sunset, overlooking the lake) and I knit the shawl I wore, and it was just perfect.

Now, whenever I wear the shawl I get to be reminded of one of the most perfect days of my life. I wish that kind of memory for you...


Wow that is SO beautiful!

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