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Thanks for sharing these! I know exactly what you mean about being a conservative looking person - people are always SHOCKED to hear I have a tattoo (and plan to have more!). :0)


Funny that you have a dragon as well. I posted photos of my dragon today. It is hard to take photos of your own back side too. I am like you, most people don't realize that I have tattoos either. Although given my love of color and policy of playing devil's advocate, that surprises me. I did have one guy in a bar tell that I looked like a wild child but that might have been the alcohol talking.


Thanks for sharing. I'm sort of a conservative looking person as well, and my two little tattoos used to shock a few people. Now, they are laughable compared to the ink I see on others. I love the symbolic tattoo.


The third one is always my favorite story. Saturday! lol


Cool tats ;o)

Someday when I'm thin and brave I'd like a celtic love knot on my back...someday...


People are always surprised that I have tattoos too (a guy actually once said he was surprised I knew any four-letter words. I was like, dude, you should hear me in traffic!). I think that's weird, since pretty much everyone I know has at least one.


I have a tattoo. I love my tattoo. When I lived in Mexico I wanted a white gecko but it turned out to be a white cat's paw instead. It's on my foot and it's so cool because you can see it really well in the summer when my feet are tan. Your tattoos are cool! Oh and I'm quite conservative myself that's why I went with white.
Then there are the piercings. :)

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