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I only know how to tell you how much you have after it's all done. Beautiful singles though!


That's Purdy! Looking forward to watching the progress...


I am loving the look of the fiber spun up...good thing you had lots of encouragement on that purchase! A little sooner than expected, but still good!


That looks awesome - love, love, LOVE the color!!


Uh... I'm spinning some yarn for a shawl now too.

Technically I was just spinning it "really thin" but when I took the first 2-ply off the bobbin I had 200yds. I took the second 2-ply off the other day and had over 300yds. So that's two bobbins completely plied and I only have 500 yds. Not sure how thin yours is, but you might need more than two bobbins. I'm just going to spin all 8 oz of my fiber which should give me about 1,250 if my guessing is correct. Usually when I have 8oz of fiber I get 4.5 skeins in the end.


I usually figure it out at the end. Mainly because when you set the twist it can end up shrinking some. If you want to know while on the bobbin, try using a Mcmorrin yarn balance. It just requires that you cut a small length and when it balances you will know how much yardage you will have with 1 lb of fiber.


The spinning is so pretty! I love the idea of a wedding shawl! :0)


Ooooh, pretty yarn! I got some dyed fleece from the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center a year ago that is almost the same color! I've done mine in fine singles for a lace scarf.

It's hard to tell from the photo what size yarn you're getting. For a lacy shawl/wrap it should probably be fairly fine. If you make 2-ply with what you've spun, how many wpi (wraps per inch -- tell me if you don't know what this is and I will explain it)will you have? Just take a couple of yards off the bobbin (don't let go of the ends or they will unspin!), hold both ends in one hand, let the doubled yarn hang down, and the yarn will "ply" itself with the energy you've spun into it. Kind of pinch it and stroke it down with your free hand to tidy it up. If you want 2-ply yarn, this is about what you'll get. Knot the two ends together with an overhand knot, or they will unspin.

Now see how many wpi this is, and compare it to commercial yarns you have that you would make a shawl with. Wrap your "plied" yarn around a ruler, or wpi gauge if you have one. This will tell you if a 2-ply is fine enough for what you have in mind.

Another idea (and this is probably what I'd do): your pound of fleece will go further if you use singles in your shawl. Also your spinning time will be considerably less. If you choose a lacy pattern, fine yarn will show it off better.

The only problem with singles is that often they are not exactly a "balanced" yarn, and a finished knitted item will be just slightly out of shape. (Like a cheap tee shirt, you know, where the seams twist across to the front of you?) For singles, just setting the twist is usually not enough.

There is a way around this. It is called "blocking the yarn" (as opposed to "setting the twist") and it is not difficult. The easiest way is first, set the twist and dry the yarn. Then make that skein into a ball after it has dried. Then make a new skein by wrapping the yarn VERY TIGHTLY around a niddy noddy or chair back or something sturdy and nonflexible like that, spray it with water to get it pretty wet (don't use a wood chair or the finish will get gucked up)and let it dry under considerable tension. For a shawl or wrap, this will probably block the yarn sufficiently. I have a friend whose husband made a yarn blocker out of PVC pipe -- I think they found the directions in an old issue of Spin-Off; I can look for the article if you want.

Now about your question of how much yarn you will have when you get done. You need a McMorrin balance. They sell these magical little devices at any good shop that handles spinning equipment. Or you can find one online. Or I can go to Village Wools and get one and send it to you. They are not expensive -- mine was about $12 some years ago; it will be more now, but not like buying a wheel or good fleece!

It is a little bitty plastic box (about the size of a bottle of aspirin) with a little metal arm that can balance on the edge; you find out exactly how many inches of yarn will make the balance level, them multiply that number by 100 to get the number of yards per pound. Thirteen inches of yarn to balance the little arm = thirteen hundred yards per pound. (I'm pretty sure that's the formula. I keep the directions and refer to them every time I use it.) Anyhow, you need one.

So -- find out if you want singles or 2-ply, find out the wpi, and get a McMorrin Balance! Let me know if I can help further.


Oh my garsh. That is simpfully gorgeous. What an amazing wedding shawl it will be!


That's such a pretty color! I hope you had a nice crafty weekend.


pretty!! I just plied my yarn and then would it on my niddy noddy I had made out of pvc piping. I know that one wrap is 2 meters, so that's how I figured the total length. I can't wait to see more!


I found your page through sewiknit, and noticed that you changed from blogspot to typepad- would then ask you if it's because it's an easyer site to use?
I find blogspot a bit "heavy" and it takes a long time to upload my pictures and so- and I haven't been writing for some time then.... perhaps you could tell me about your experiences?
Have a nice day :-))

kathy b

Darling Booties. Thanks for sharing the site. They are just adorable. Someday I'll sew...

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