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I find myself doing the same thing - yesterday I started throwing out a few things that were out of date and I ended up cleaning out four cabinets ;o)

Now I have to tackle the stash soon - RR just ordered a handheld scanner so we can finally start putting all his CD's in a database (he used to DJ). I'm hoping I can somehow tweak it so I can use it to input my stash so I don't have to take three days to type it all in ;o)


let me know if you have any dupes that you don't want... I have a plane for knitting implements for my studio!!!


I'm in the midst of unpacking from holiday travel and am discovering the same problem. I start cleaning and putting away in one room and suddenly I'm off making a list of other things I need to clean/put away/organize. It never ends.


Ah organization. Feels good, eh? I bought some file crates yesterday to try and organize some of my own life, but we'll see when I get around to doing it. :-)


Seriously! I had a week off and I feel as if I accomplished nothing. I need another day or two.


Thanks for the encouraging comment an my brand new blog.

The lace shawl patt can be found at (among other places)

My friend used Alpaca Drops in a lightweight DK in a seafoamy blue green. The pc doesn't do it justice.

Thanks again!
Denelle in TN


Ah, organization. Those were the days, before the nearly four year old boy...I'm sure I'll get back there...some day....Sigh.


Can I just bask in the glory of your organization? That sounds like a lot of work! I am very impressed with all that you do. Cheers.


I'm so impressed by your organization. I've barely unpacked from my trip home for Christmas.


I agree-we need more days off. I had a three week christmas break and still didn't get half as much done as I had planned.
I love the idea of organizing, I'm just scared to venture there, it may take 3 weeks. :)

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