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The scary thing is - I've been that kind of person who buys yarn for a specific project - and I also have enough to knit with for over a year!! My problem is the 2nd half of it - actually making that project as soon as I buy the yarn! I was buying yarn about 5x faster than I could knit it.


I remember. /nodding


Oh, I can totally understand the appeal of Karabella Gossamer! You were so lucky to find it at $10.


Yeah, I could justify a deal like that. But it means you'll have to knit it soon and pretend it was there all the time.


I do remember.....


Only a year?! My stash would last at least 10, I'm afraid (knitting 24/7/365), since I have a ton of laceweight. ~:0


I remember -- I'll back you up! *grin*


I remember too! Hey, life is too short to give up such a steal. You did the right thing!


I remember clearly hearing three days ;o)

kathy b

I remember too!

I love the smokey shade of grey. No wonder you used up a day on it.

I'm not purposely knitting from stash, but I have been pretty much anyway for the last few months.

Until Saturday, when I dropped over a hundred on new yarn for a sweater. This is not an inexpensive passion

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