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I'm glad I made you squeeee. I mean the bag.


Shaun Cassidy... hee, hee. I grew up in the 1970's too so I remember him and Leif Garrett and Donny Osmond and the other "heart throbs." Da Doo Run Run... The Namaste Bags look delightful. Someday I will get one. All dogs need leash free time.

Julie P

OK. First of all "apple cider donut" sounds terribly wrong. However, the mention of Shaun Cassidy sort of makes up for it.

Can't wait to see your new swag from Scout! I got some today and my new yarn should arrive later this week!


Shaun Cassidy...*sigh* I had all the albums AND I got to see him live in concert for...one of my birthdays, with my cousin. And her Mom. And my Mom.
Looking forward to pix tomorrow, and wondering just how do you stop at a quarter of an apple cider donut?! Great to see you and hope to see you again soon!


Sounds like you have a lot to make you happy. Can't wait to see all your new stuff. I'm thinking about ordering on of those namaste bags. What color did you get?

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