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Just wanted to say a quick thanks for all of your help on getting my KSKS kit. I met up with Vicki on Monday night and had a blast. She really outdid herself!

Thanks again!


I took better pictures of it today and damn it really IS cute! You didn't tell me messenger bag color!

Thanks for the pimping. ;)


Aren't those sushi wallets killer? I've been yearning for one for a while.

julie P

Aww...you know the Borg is always happy to assimilate. Erm. I mean, *help*.



I'm really glad you introduced yourself at Rhinebeck! take care!


I just signed up for KMKS! I've been a little behind in my blog reading and almost missed it!! Thanks for hosting another fun swap! If you need an angel for this one, I'm happy to help.


mmm, sushi! I need some four legged physical trainers to motivate my flabby self.

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