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I have to come up with some holiday projects that use my stash - and right quick too - I guess you can't mention what you are doing on your blog - spoilers.

P and I are driving to c. Virginia this weekend - that is close to 24 hours of driving time!

Must make the most of it!


What a nice gift!


Sarah is still Blogless???
Love the roving you dyed...it is beautiful!


In a novel unknitter-like twist, I am only knitting one present this year. In fact I only knit one last year, but this year I'm making it the official practice. I just don't have enough knitting time for all the things I want to do for myself. Last year a sister in law got a pair of socks. This year my brothers girlfriend is getting my very first lacy knit, Wendy's fircone scarf. The jury is still out on if she gets it this year or next. Luckly we have a combined 9 hours in the car over thanksgiving.


I'm only knitting a few things this year. Mom's gift of socks and a cowl/scarf are already done. Brother 2 is getting a black hat as requested. Son will be getting fun socks (bonus because they're small!). I may make my sister a pillow, but that's still up in the air. I'm taking it easy on myself.


You are a lucky lady to have such a good friend! I love the edging ... I love it so much that I used to to edge a pair of socks!

Holiday knitting includes a pair of extra long fingerless mitts and three teacher scarves. Anything beyond those are bonus.

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