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Is it just me or do men get in our way when it comes to knitting plans?


You will love toe-up socks!


When you're ready, try the Widdershins pattern from Knitty.com. I'm doing my 2nd pr of toe up Widdershins on 2 circs. You just have to decide about the top(instep) and bottom(heel) parts of the sock before you start the gusset and then mark your starting point(s) so that it makes sense to you. It has a nice short row heel, too. You turn it before you know it! Zip-zap, it's done. Brook now comes to Napoli on Saturdays. :0)

kathy b

Me too. I am about to start some halloween socks! Hee hee hee. Just sockatta in orange, black and white. So fun.


I agree, the sock possibilities are endless; the yarns, the patterns, the heels, the toes. Oh, gotta go, the stash is calling!


We can sing sock praises together! :) Thanks for sharing your history, Bev!


I totally did not expect this sock knitting thing to become so big for me, but I'm now totally addicted! :0)


I'm loving reading everybody's sock his/herstories! They're all different and yet, similar. When I wear my own socks, it's like a secret to me. Like how you feel wearing your favorite undies.

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